Producent Komori
Model LS-429M
Rok 2008
Lokalizacja Polska PL
Rodzaj Maszyny offsetowe - 4 kolory
ID produktu P220413001

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Rodzaj klienta Pośrednik
Aktywny od 2019
Liczba ofert online 7
Ostatnia aktywność 13 kwietnia 2022

Dane techniczne

Max. długość arkusza 53 cm
Max. szerokość arkusza 74 cm
Przebieg (stan licznika) 55 Mio
Godziny podłączenia do prądu
Stan techniczny jak nowy
Zgodność z normami CE ---------
Status podłączony do prądu


Four Color Sheetfed Offset Machine (Elevated)

Year of construction 2008, mileage approx. 55 million.

Machine in production.
Spare water rollers, manual in Polish and English.
The machine is owned by the company and is free of charge.
It is in very good technical condition, with relatively low mileage, periodically serviced (service inspections) by the distributor's service. Sale due to production limitation.
Basic technical data:
Max. sheet format 530 x 740 mm
Max. print area 520 x 735 mm
Minimum sheet format 200 x 280 mm
The range of the printing substrate thickness is 0.04 - 0.8 mm
Maximum printing speed of 16,000 sheets / h (depending on the used substrates, materials, conditions in the printing house and the nature of the work.
Minimum printing speed 3,000 sheets / hour
Dimensions Width: 3 130 mm Height: 1 770 mm Length: 7 380 mm Weight: 15 200 kg Power requirement 49 KW + 9 kW IR drying /
Basic equipment:
Komori Lithrone LS-429M Control and control systems
PQC-S (Print Quality Control-System) remote quality control system
remote control of inking,
remote control of humidification,
remote control of longitudinal registers (+/- 3 mm) transverse (+/- 1 mm)
diagonally (+/- 0.20 mm) on the transfer cylinder,
Machine monitoring system KMS 4 (Komori Management System),
Komori KHS AI computer controlled rapid organ system, including:
Dyeing and decolorizing function,
Self-learning function
Preseting registers
Smart Feed Back function (only with PDC-S / Lite system)
High speed start function (12,000 sheets / g)
Touch control monitors
KOMORI PDC-Lite spectrodensitometric system for automatic color control of the print, integrated with the PQC control panel, with paint correction in a closed control loop. Automation systems for production processes
Automatic cleaning of intermediate cylinders / IMPACT /
• Automatic cleaning of impression cylinders / IMPACT /
• Automatic washing of the inking unit (twin nozzle for solvent and water)
• Preset thickness of the printed substrate set from the desktop
• Smart sequence functionality
• Remote adjustment of the measuring device
• Semi-APC system, semi-automatic plate change
• Jet feeder with a stack height of 1,150 mm
• Feeder head equipped with lifting nozzles (2x)
and transmitting (2x)
• Deionizing airflow in the foot of the feeder
• Side blowers
• Carton accessories
• Stack support table adapted for manual stack preparation
• Drain table with two suction belts
• Pneumatic side mark
• Electronic meter control
• Electronic brand access control
• Diagonal adjustment with a brand strip
• Optoelectronic flow control to disengage the pistons
• Ultrasonic double sheet inspection (ULTRASONIC)

Printing units
• Pressure cylinders with double diameter
• Double diameter transfer cylinders
• Mold cylinder thermally coated with a stainless steel coating
• Intermediate cylinder thermally coated with stainless steel
• Chromed impression cylinder
• Intermediate cylinder adapted to fasten strip blankets
• Diamond inserts on transfer lugs
• Setting the cylinders to "seven o'clock"
The inking team
• Precise control of the paint supply (500 steps of the ink bottle screw opening)
• The inking unit is equipped with 19 rollers, including 4 different feed rollers
• 4 anti-dim oscillating shafts transmitting on each unit
• Separate incoming drive
• Justifying the working time of a recorder
• Remote control of ink zones from the PQC-S control panel
KOMORIMATIC humidification unit
• Continuous humidification, perfect for printing with alcohol and for printing
• Oscillating leveling roller above the feed roller prevents template marks
and creating unfavorable stripes
• Reduction of the peripheral speed of the feed roller in relation to the cylinder
plate continuously cleans the printing plate from all kinds of dirt
• Solution level sensor
• Pneumatic positioning and parking of the transfer roller from the control panel
• High delivery with a pile height of 1,150 mm
• Smoothing sheets (decurler)
• Deionizing beam
• Automatic lubrication of delivery chains
• Production counter replaced due to damage, condition approx. 45.5 million.
• Mechanically assisted sample sheet download
• Grafix Digitronix LS29 blasting device
o automatic print speed compensation
o automatic format compensation
o control of the powder level in the hopper
• Placing and putting down water rollers
• Placing and putting down ink rollers

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